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      The seller scammed me by selling a software product that no longer works. When I confronted him, he quickly cussed out my mother & father before blocking my IP address from accessing the website there…

      Anonymous Bhen Posted:1 hour ago 3 Related Reports
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      Steroidsdirectonline is a superb marketplace to get the top quality products!! Amazing online shop with genuine products!! Easy to use!! Best bulking and cutting steroids!! I am highly pleased with St…

      Anonymous John Posted:1 hour ago 9 Related Reports
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      AustralianSteroids is the best online store ever I visited!! Amazing online shop with quality products!! Deliver best quality products on time!! Recommended!!

      Anonymous John Posted:1 hour ago 6 Related Reports
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      I purchased a template for a resume/cover letter for approx $10.00 US They are billing my Amex card for $35.00 every month since November 2016. I have written to them, emailed them and notified Amex n…

      Anonymous Joan Posted:5 hours ago 1 Related Reports
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      Siren Song

      I purchased 3 of these Siren Songs and cannot get the battery into any of them. Bought for the 3 females in my home but so far no good.

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:7 hours ago 5 Related Reports
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      DBA: New Funds Division

      Letter in US mail....fraud! I send them $20 in return for me receiving checks/money payments. Total Scam on the elderly. These people need to be stopped.

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:8 hours ago 6 Related Reports

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